About Me

"All things being equal, people will do business with, and refer business to, those people they know, like, and trust." --Bob Burg

I agree.

However, if the information below was the only information I shared with you about myself, you be would limited to only 1 aspect of who I am and it wouldn’t provide much of an insight for you to decide if you felt there was a connection between us.

But if you keep reading beyond the ‘About Me’ written in the manner that has become expected and standard, you’ll come to know that Real Estate is just one of many facets that defines me as a person thus increasing the chances that a connection is made and in the future, when a need arises for the assistance of a Real Estate Consultant you’ll be confident in my ability and feel comfortable to reach out and contact me.

About Me…

Robyn Mosner was born and raised in Allentown, Pennsylvania and is proud to say that she comes from a military family. She received her B.S degree in Education and her M.B.A. from Stevens Institute of Technology. She moved to Texas in 2002. Prior to getting her Real Estate license in 2005, she was a Software Engineer. She got her Real Estate Broker’s License in 2011 and her Mortgage License in 2017. Robyn lives in Leander with her husband Jim, a Veteran, Commercial Broker & Land Developer and their 5 rescued dogs: Honey, Annie, Jasmine, Jackson, and Eddie. They have a passion for connecting people together, a love for animals and great appreciation for all the Service Men and Women who serve and sacrifice for our country unselfishly in order to preserve our freedom that are many times taken for granted. Robyn is actively involved with Women’s Ministry, supports the local animal shelters and the Texas Wounded Warriors. She works with Veterans, ensuring that our Heroes receive the benefits they are entitled to and deserve. She served on the Board of Directors of CASA Williamson County, a non-profit organization that looks after the welfare and interests of neglected and abused children.

Robyn and Jim are Real Estate Investors who understand financing, are great problem solvers and who are committed to knowing their industry, striving to be the best at what they do. In addition, the skills she acquired in the corporate sector are a definite asset that she brings to Real Estate. Robyn’s background as an Investor and knowledge of the local markets and finance makes her a single point of contact for all your home buying and selling needs. She established an extended team of professionals that can help her clients with all their needs: From roofing, plumbing, bookkeeping or veterinarian care. Robyn has you covered. Her services include Buying, Selling, Investments and Property Management within Williamson, Travis, and Bell Counties. She is proud to say that 95% of their business is through referrals, allowing her to concentrate on providing exceptional customer service and to continue to bring value to their clients.

Someone once told her, if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. In 2005, Robyn realized what they meant.

We Don’t Do Transactions, We Build Relationships for a Lifetime.

Beyond About Me….

  • As a young child I barely had any hair. My mother’s friend told her if she kept my hair cut very short it would grow in thicker. The friend neglected to tell my mother for how long she should continue to have my hair cut before we would see growth. For the first 5 years of my life, I was mistaken for a boy.
  • Growing up with an older brother, I was a tomboy and climbed up on everything. The only problem was, once I was up, I could not climb back down, and I had to scream until my mother came and got me down.
  • When I was little, I talked a language only my brother could understand. At first my parents thought I was a creative genius. I was also a pack rat with a bad memory when it came to remembering where I would hide things. When I wanted to retrieve something, I hid but failed to remember where it was, I cried to my parents wanting their assistance. Their failure to understand what I was saying elevated my emotions driving the situation to a state of hysteria and despair, which resulted in them throwing that ‘creative genius’ thought out the window. They considered my brother’s ability to decipher the code was their gift from God.
  • When I was 3, I had eye surgery and had to wear glasses - blue cat eye glasses. I also wore saddle shoes. Who would have thought at such a young age, I was already a Fashion Influencer?
  • I love animals of all kinds. Growing up we had dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, turtles, gerbils, and fish. We even had an owl. My dad rescued an injured owl and brought it home. We nursed it back to health and once it was strong enough, we released it back into the wild. I benefited from my parents understanding the value that children receive from having and taking care of pets.
  • At one time or another I had long hair and was either a blond, a red head or a brunette. Now my hair is very short and black.
  • My favorite color is pink, and my nails are long.
  • I clean my own toilets and clean up dog doodoo.
  • The only creepy crawler that I’m afraid of are snakes.
  • I can touch my toes and lay my palms flat on the floor without bending my knees.
  • I was a 3rd grade Teacher before I went back to school for Computer Science.
  • I started watching horror movies at age 5 when I stayed at my grandparent’s house on the weekends, with my cousins. Every Saturday night we watched Doctor Shock’s double Creature Feature. Blood and guts do not bother me, but anything satanic I cannot handle. I saw the Exorcist and could not sleep for 2 weeks.
  • I was married twice. The first time for 2 years, the 2nd time 29 years and we’re still going strong.
  • I am a Stepmom of 2 grown children. Alesha and Robert and I’m Gigi to Owen and Haley Grace.
  • I love shoes. The higher the heel the better. Did you ever see a lady run in heels? I joke that I was born in heels. But a picture taken when I was six, while standing on top of a roof wearing my Keds proved me wrong.
  • Did I mention that I have a fear of heights?
  • I overheard my husband talking with his friend. He said that he’d like to try skydiving. So, for our 5th wedding anniversary, I thought 1 thoughtful act could address 2 things - Surprise my husband with a gift I knew he’d appreciate and conquer my fear of heights once and for all. September 21st, on our anniversary we both skydived – not Tandem, Static Line. I am not ashamed to tell you I still have a fear of heights.
  • I stop my car to assist turtles crossing the road.
  • I stop my car and attempt to capture dogs running loose.
  • I never met a vegetable I did not like. My favorite is the lima bean.
  • I eat liver and enjoy it.
  • I cannot carry a tune in a suitcase but every year on my Client’s birthday I call them and sing Happy Birthday.
  • I never get upset or get road rage while driving.
  • When we first moved to Austin, my husband and I volunteered at Central Market’s Cooking School and cooked the Chef’s recipes for the class. I have a passion for cooking and a love for serving people. I’ve been told I’m a pretty good cook.
  • I can spend hours shopping at HEB.
  • I have a close and loving relationship with my parents. Like all families, our family had our share of issues. But there was never any doubt I was loved. My parents give me a gift that is so valuable, it’s priceless. My Life’s Foundation.
  • They raised me in a home that welcomed, valued, and loved people from diverse backgrounds, races, sexual preferences, religions, and income levels. They instilled in me that we are our brother’s keeper, that we are the voice for those that have been silenced. They told me that I am a Leader, Not a Follower and to always follow my heart and do what I know is right regardless of popular opinion. With love in their eyes, they told me Never to forget these words….You Are Our Daughter and As You Go Through Life You Will Make Decisions That We Will Not Agree With… But Never Forget, Regardless You Are Our Daughter And We Will Always Love You.

  • ** 5 years ago, a piece of my heart was taken from me when I lost my Pop. I was not angry with God, I was thankful that for 52 years I was blessed to have been given a Father that loved me unconditionally, had faith in me and was the wind that gently guided me through life. For that I gift, I will always strive to live a life that both my Fathers are proud.**

I hope that I was able to provide insight and convey that I’m more than just a Real Estate Broker and that somewhere in my story, you felt a connection. So, the next time you or someone you know has a Real Estate question or is in need of assistance from a Real Estate Agent please Call /Text at 512.913.5593. I would love the opportunity to meet you and earn your business as your Trusted Personal Real Estate Consultant.

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